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Have Fun And Enjoy Training Your Bird

admin post on August 25th, 2018
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Many people like birds and mostly they have parrot as a pet because this bird is very intelligent with good grasping power. It can easily be trained and you will surely have fun talking to this intelligent and unique creature. If you also want your parrot to talk and have conversations like the other birds then you can give it bird training so that it can also talk and repeat your words. You can train your birds with different tricks but remember to train him with love and care.

Tips to teach your bird how to talk

  • Start simple – when you are giving training to your bird, the best way is to start with some simple words like hello, bye-bye etc. Once your bird learns these words, then you can teach more words to it.
  • Repeat your words – birds very easily learn the words if you repeat your words many times. Many birds learn environmental sounds that are repeated again and again around them without teaching them. Parrots are more likely to hear the voice and repeat it. So, be prepared to repeat your word many times and in the same tone.
  • Have patience – many birds take time to learn and speak while some birds pick your words quite quickly. So, don’t get disappointed if your bird does not start to repeat your words as you say.
  • Clearly speak your words – parrots learn fast when they hear louder and clear words. Speak the words with a higher tone with your bird at your front. Always speak the clear words so that the bird can listen to it and learn the right word.