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How To Apply For Passport Renewal?

admin post on June 17th, 2019
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As the date of passport expiry comes close, the first question which arises in an individual’s brain is how can I renew my passport?  The answer to this question is that you have so many service providers available who will help you in renewing the passport in just a week. These services are paper premium, online premium and one week fast track.

Different services for getting a passport renewed in emergency

  1. Paper premium – this is the service which provides the passport just in four hours after the appointment. It only gets delayed for the next day when the person has taken appointment in afternoon. As the person chooses the time for appointment, in the same meeting he gets informed about the time he will get the passport. By using paper premium service, people can change their name on passport after marriage.
  2. Online premium – using this service, you can apply, book and pay for passport online. After applying through online premium service, the person gets appointment in 2 days. The appointment is of 30 minutes duration. This service gives the new passport of person at the appointment. This service is only available for renewing red adult passport which has been expired or is going to expire.
  3. one week fast track – as per the name, this service delivers the new passport in the same week of appointment at the applicant’s home. This service can be used for renewing the child’s or adult’s passport which has got expired or is going to get expired soon. One week fast track service also helps in changing passport details, replacing lost or stolen passport and for applying child passport.