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Feel Like A Bird With Parachuting

admin post on March 16th, 2018
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Guest post by SkyDivesibson.co.uk

Parachuting is an extreme sport very similar to skydiving in London. Skydiving provides you with freefall and less air time, whereas parachuting provides you with small freefall and more air time. Parachuting is not for weak hearted as you will feel like hanging in the air thousands of feet from the ground. Though you get to feel the bird eye view of the entire surrounding, but it is horrible for many first timers as they get panicked with such height and no ground beneath their feet. So, those people who wish to glide in the air like an eagle can prefer to contact companies that host parachute jumps in London.

Standard parachuting: Standard parachuting is the parachuting that you can enjoy by jumping off from the airplane. Your freefall would be small as you will be opening your parachuting after a while as you jump from the plane. Standard parachuting is all about enjoying the aerial view of the ground and very slow descends towards the ground. Standard parachuting can be a very pleasant experience as you will experience a whole new world at thousands of feet above from the ground.

Base jumping: Base jumping is also another kind of parachuting that is very small and lasts for few minutes or even seconds. With base jumping you will be jumping from the place that is actually located at very high altitude such as any bridge or cliff. Your freefall would be of few seconds and parachuting will last for few minutes. This is another very dangerous type of parachuting that you can do.