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Different Types Of Online Distance Learning

Education has a pivotal role in the development of the societies around. With changing times and the technologies that have encroached on the daily lives, the system of education and training has also changed a lot. This is why professional schools such as Sycamore School are increasingly deploying online school management as a means to be on pace with time. Online Distance learning is one such measure in this regard. Earlier distance learning was a mode for higher studies with students pursuing degrees while doing jobs at different locations. But now during the COVID-19 pandemic, this technique is being used in schools as well to teach kids in the safety of their homes. Here are some types of distance education.


The word ‘synchronous’ itself implies on a real-time basis. This means that the students are taught to live in the sessions. There is continuous delivery, communication, and learning in the virtual classroom using teleconferencing methods. This is by far the most used method in school level education in the online distance education model.

Asynchronous Distance Learning

Now, as the word ‘asynchronous’ itself makes it clear that the process is not based on real-time, the method involves some time-based deadlines to be used by the instructors. However, this method allows the students to learn at their own pace and comfort based upon time. It also holds a vast scope for students who remain active among themselves regarding the course and thus favor project based learning. This method is most suited for higher education or for pursuant of professional degrees who want to educate themselves while being productive and doing a job.