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Hiring a Fashion Stylist – Know How To Choose The Right One

admin post on June 19th, 2017
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Guest post by Summertown Style

Fashion Stylists are professionals, who provide guidance on the type of trends, colours, designs and clothing styles one should go for. In other words fashion stylists are styling experts who will help you build the best look of yours.

Things to look out for before hiring A Fashion Stylist:

Knowledge and expertise

The first and foremost thing that you must consider while hiring a fashion stylist is their qualification. A reputed stylist will at least have a degree or diploma in this field. Besides this, companies that offer personal styling services should be in the market for a long time and have a good customer base. Hiring a newcomer could be risky, as they want to try out new things, which might not suit you.

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A well known fashion stylist will have diverse clientele. Most of them are socially active and have their own Facebook and Twitter accounts. Since, they are work with celebrities, you will also find them in newspapers and magazines. Usually, personal styling services are offered annually, monthly or a specific period of time. You can hire them as per your convenience.

These services are very helpful in understanding your body type and what kind of trends, patterns and cut you should go for. Most of the stylists will also give you makeover and hair styling tips to get a new look.


Hiring a fashion stylist is beneficial as they will assist you with a capsule wardrobe according to the time of year. From your new wardrobe and their time to time styling tips, you can have your best image and personality portrayed in the public.